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VIP Member FAQ's

How does a Standing Order work?
Every week (or fortnight) we will process your order for you with the products you have specified when you signed up. Your delivery will be made and you don?t need to worry about forgetting the order deadline again! You will receive an email confirmation of your order after we have processed your order from our end and we deduct the amount of your order using Ezidebit payment service provider.

What if I need to make changes to my order?
No problem, if at anytime you would like to purchase extra items or make changes to your order, here are two easy options for you:

Option 1: Make your order online
Visit our website and log in (using your login email address & password). If you are simply wanting to purchase some extra groceries, add these to your basket, but don?t forget to add your regular order items (ie. box, bread, eggs). You can also change your box size or type if you like.
At the checkout, select your payment method as ?VIP Customer? and submit your order. Your online order will override your regular order, so there is no need for you to enter in your credit card details, as we will make the payment with Ezidebit.
Please Note: If you do order online, please have your order in by the cut off times which are Friday 12pm for Monday & Tues delivery & 9.30am Wednesday for Thursday and Friday delivery.

Option 2: Email or Phone us
We are more than happy to assist you over the phone or email if you have any queries or changes to your order.

Can I still change my likes & dislikes each week?
Yes, you can make changes to your exclusions and favourites. You can log into your account as normal to make these changes online, or you can notify us by email or phone. To ensure that your requests are applied to your next order, please make sure any changes online are updated before the cut off times.

Can I stop my order temporarily at anytime?
Yes. You may be going on holidays, you may be eating out most of the week (lucky you), or you may be unwell (hopefully not); what ever the reason, we understand that day to day life isn?t always the same. If you would like to postpone your order at anytime, please inform us by email or phone the dates that you will not require your regular order and the date you would like to recommence your regular order.

Who are Ezidebit?
Ezidebit have an Australian Financial Services License (No. 315388) and are fully compliant with the latest technology in data storage and encryption. We can assure you that strict privacy regulations apply and all transactions are secure.

What if my direct debit payment fails?
If your payment fails due to insufficient funds, we will notify you to organise payment.
Please Note: Ezidebit will charge a separate failed payment fee of $10.90 (and you may also incur charges from your financial institution).

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