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Sindhiya SoapNuts Australia 100g bag

Sindhiya SoapNuts Australia 100g bag


Soapnuts are a healthy, chemical free,and very effective detergent and multi purpose cleaner. 

SoapNuts are chemical free - Free from alkyl benzene, fluorescer, alkalis, zeolite, sulphate, phosphate and EDTA...Nasty things you don't want touching your skin!

Save the world and your wallet - At an average of 5c per wash SoapNuts are 50-70% cheaper than typical laundry detergent and they're simple and easy to use.

SoapNuts are multi-purpose - Use not just in the laundry but you can turn them into home made organic; Liquid soap, Spray and wipe, Pet Shampoo, Pest Deterrent.

They are also a great gift idea!

More more info on soap nuts and usage tips, visit http://www.soapnutssindhiya.com.au/