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12 Organic Free Range Eggs 650g

12 Organic Free Range Eggs 650g


650g pack of extra large sized eggs from Elderslie Organics in Victoria.

Eggs are produced by hens who only graze on organic grain, organic milk and organic pastures.
No Meatmeal: Suitable for Vegetarians.
The hens at Elderslie Organic Eggs live outside all day free to roam and eat all things natural. They are not contained by any fences and are never locked in so will rise and bed with the sun. They have their cosy holiday van to sleep at and lay their eggs in and keep them warm on those not so nice days.
They have two beautiful guardians named Buddy & Timmy to look after them and keep away any pesky foxes or hawks. All their food and land is free from nasty pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics or meat meal. So all you get is a self contained little package of vitality called an EGG!
NASAA Certified Organic