About Us

About Organic Angels
Scott and Sarah Butler

Where It Began

We are Scott and Sarah, the founders of Organic Angels and for over a decade we've been delivering certified organic produce around Melbourne and Victoria.

Organic Angels was an idea sparked around the time we introduced solid foods to our first son. Like many new parents, we wanted to give him the best nutritional start to life with high quality food free from pesticides, chemicals and artificial hormones. We wanted to access fresh organic produce online and have it home delivered, but at that time, the ideal service we were after was hard to find.

Being the big ideas people that we are, Organic Angels became a reality and started in our home kitchen in 2006, delivering 10 boxes a week in our station wagon. It's been an incredible journey seeing Organic Angels grow to what it is today.

We love what we do and we're passionate about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, sourcing the highest quality organic produce for our customers and providing the very best home delivery service.

Time to get cooking

Why We Wake Up Each Day

We are here to create meaningful change to people’s lives and wellbeing.

We are here to inspire and empower people to live the healthiest version of themselves.

We provide convenient access to quality certified organic produce.

We provide a warm and friendly service, making our customers feel valued and respected.

We are here to influence change in our food system by supporting organic food production and sourcing as local as possible.

We believe that the happiest place is around the dining table, eating nutritious foods with the people you love.

Fresh, Seasonal & Local

You don't have to spend hours driving around town selecting the freshest organic produce, we do it for you! We're up before the sun, selecting the best organic produce that Melbourne markets and organic farms have on offer. The fruit and veggies delivered to your door is packed with love and care by our team, checking quality as we go. We’ve done all the hard work for you, giving you the freedom to do other important things with your time.

You Matter To Us

Without you we are nothing, this sounds like words to a song, but it rings so true. Happy customers keep us going after all these years and we want to make sure every step of your journey with us is a great experience. We aim to get it right 99% of the time, but hey, some days we don’t and it’s in those moments that we want to look after you as best as we can, so you feel heard and valued. Our friendly team are ready to assist you anytime.

Health & Happiness

You most likely already know this, and that is, organic food is better for you. No pesticides, fungicides, growth hormones, just beautiful produce grown from healthy soil that is rich in nutrients. Food grown this way has more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and is full of flavour. Whatever path you are on with your health journey, once you have tasted the good stuff, you won’t turn back, and your body will thank you for it.

We’re This Real Deal

We have been certified with the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) since 2008, and it’s important to us to stay committed in supporting certified organic growers and producers. As the consumer, you can shop with us fully knowing that all our fresh produce is sourced from certified organic or biodynamic farms. The newsletter in your box will have a list of where the produce has come from, and who it is certified by. To read about our inspiring growers, click here.

Ethical & Sustainable

Like you, we care deeply about our beautiful planet and believe we can all make a change by making conscious choices around food. Choosing food from safe, sustainable and healthy farming methods promotes biodiversity, conservation and helps preserve natural wildlife. When you order with us, your food is delivered in a re-usable box (please leave out for our drivers next time), minimal packaging, no plastic, using certified compostable and biodegradable bags instead. Together we’re making a difference.