Benefits of Meal Planning


What I love about sourcing organic produce is it helps me connect again to simple truths - a knowing that my food comes from healthy soil, picked close to home from local growers and that I am supporting organic farming. All contributing to healthier humans and planet.

You know that at Organic Angels, we don’t set up meal kits and prescribe what you eat? As a busy parent, with three kids, I am a big believer that healthy meals can be whipped up in less than an hour. And if you plan it out, you can make a couple of things on the go for the freezer or later in the week which saves more time.

With us, you get fresh organics delivered in a box, with minimal packaging and fresh seasonal produce that is alive with goodness, flavour and nutrients. Cooking good meals at home brings back the simple connection and creativity which I find grounding – especially when the world feels hectic. 

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