Meet The Grower - Black Crow


Dave and Tammy Litzow, owners of Black Crow Organic have a powerful story and it all started when one of their babies was born very premature and only weighing 1kg. With no explanation from the doctors as to why, Dave and Tammy stopped to reassess their life and farming practices. While they were not farming with a large amount of chemicals at the time, they decided from that day to eliminate all chemicals and convert to organic farming. Their conversion to organic was a difficult one and was a big learning curve. Thankfully for them and us, they persisted, and they have been certified organic for over 10 years.

Black Crow is located on 400 acres in the heart of the Lockyer Valley in Queensland. Their main farm is in the Tenthill region consisting of beautiful black creek loam soils. Their other farm is in the Mulgowie area which has the best quality water in the valley. Farming is a 7 day a week job for these 4th generation famers and Black Crow is a thriving farming enterprise, with state of the art machinery, packing facilities and cool store. Dave and Tammy pride themselves on using new technology in farm machinery aiming to improve their business, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Black Crow are known for their beautiful potatoes and they grow up to 5 varieties. They also grow pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli, cabbage, celery and cauliflower. They supply Australia-wide to the organic wholesalers and thanks to their efficient farming practices, we can enjoy their produce within 48 hours of picking.