Slow Food


Our world today is all about convenience products, 24/7 access, yet we are busier than ever, have less spare time and are a little more stressed out.  Readymade meals are a million-dollar industry, and our supermarket shelves are full of them. 

Sometimes we get completely swept up in the busyness. Remember some positives out of lockdowns? The slowing down and sourdoughs?!

Connection with food and it’s source is life and if we start to lose a connection with food, then it’s time to stop and re-assess. So, how do we connect and what is Slow Food?

Slow food essentially is having a connection with your food, the people you purchase it from and keeping it local as possible (less food miles = better for planet). Sourcing ‘clean organic, hand crafted, made with love’ kind of food.

At Organic Angels, we don't give you meal plans to follow and dictate what you east. What we do is give you the freedom to make what you wish from a box of certified organic produce, picked fresh and sourced locally. As a family, we believe that simple home cooked meals, even in a busy home is doable.

Some interesting facts - The Slow Food movement originated in Italy in 1986, by a food and wine expert, Carlo Petrini. At the time, the rise of the fast food industry was increasing in Italy (ie. McDonalds) and Carlo and a group of foodie activists chose to protect Italy’s traditions of good clean food, culinary pleasure and a slow pace of life. Starting from grass roots level, the Slow Food movement has now spread all over the world with millions of people today joining the movement and desiring that connection with plate, people and our planet.

Essentially, Slow food is a powerful choice, which has the potential to impact our environment and society.

Being a slow foodie requires adopting a different mindset around food and being more conscious, mindful and selective of your food purchases. Food is also pleasure, so before you take a bite, take some breaths, and take a moment to touch, taste and smell your food. Consciously slow down, chew your food and enjoy it. A little gratitude is awesome too.

Buon appetito!