NDIS and Home Care Packages

NDIS and Home Care Packages

Organic Angels: NDIS & Home Care Packages

At Organic Angels, we deeply understand the challenges that can come with cooking when you're living with a disability or require extra care. Our commitment to providing delicious, nutritious meals can truly make a positive impact on your daily life. Here's how we can assist you.

**How Organic Angels Supports NDIS + HCP Recipients**

We supply certified organic, natural, and home-cooked meals free from preservatives or additives. Our priority is your health and well-being.

We offer direct home delivery, and if you need any specific assistance, please inform us while placing your order, so our drivers can accommodate your needs.

Our meals come with simple reheating instructions, with most dishes requiring only a microwave.

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**Eligibility for Home Delivered Meals**

Please be aware that NDIS and HCP plans only allow you to claim pre-prepared meals and snacks, not our organic produce or raw ingredients. To qualify for Home Delivered Meals, your NDIS or Home Care Package must include Daily Activities in your Core Supports or have a specified line item for meal preparation and delivery. If you're uncertain whether your plan covers these services, please contact the NDIS or Aged Care for clarification.

**Cost Considerations**

The cost of our services depends on the arrangements outlined in your NDIS or Home Care Plan. Typically, you make a modest co-payment to cover the food ingredients, while the NDIS covers the remaining expenses, including preparation, packaging, and delivery.

**Ordering and Payment Options**

Organic Angels offers flexible payment options to suit your needs:

**Option 1:** Pay in full and claim back from your provider. Simply place your meal order online or over the phone, request an NDIS/Home Care invoice from us, and we'll email it to you within 3 business days. Remember to specify the percentage split required on your invoice for quick reimbursement through your provider.

**Option 2:** Pay only your contribution, and we handle the rest. We'll work with your plan manager or service provider to set this up. 

**Flexibility and Freedom**

At Organic Angels, we understand that your needs can change. That's why we offer complete flexibility. You're not locked into a contract – order what you want whenever you need it.

**Choice and Personalization**

We want you to savour every bite. You have the freedom to choose your meals from our delicious selection. 

Organic Angels is here to make life easier and more enjoyable for you. Let us take care of your meal preparation, so you can focus on what matters most. Your well-being is our priority.