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Organic Kale Tuscan - Bunch

Organic Kale Tuscan - Bunch

Tuscan kale, also known as Lacinato kale, dinosaur kale, or black kale, is a type of kale that has dark green, long, and narrow leaves with a bumpy texture. Unlike the curly green kale, Tuscan kale has flat leaves that resemble dinosaur skin, which is why it is sometimes called "dinosaur kale."

Tuscan kale is a nutritious leafy green vegetable, rich in vitamins A, C, and K, as well as calcium and potassium. It is also a good source of dietary fiber and antioxidants.

This kale variety has a slightly sweeter and milder flavour compared to curly green kale. Its tender leaves make it ideal for various culinary applications, such as sautéing, steaming, or adding to soups and stews. Tuscan kale is a popular ingredient in Italian cuisine, particularly in Tuscan dishes, hence its name.

Due to its versatility, nutritional value, and unique texture, Tuscan kale is a beloved vegetable among home cooks and professional chefs alike. It adds both taste and nutrients to a wide range of dishes, making it a valuable addition to a balanced and flavorful diet.