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Organic Onions Red 500g

Organic Onions Red 500g

Red onions, also referred to as purple onions, are a variety of onion with a distinct deep purple or reddish-purple skin. They are commonly used in culinary dishes for their vibrant colour and slightly milder flavour compared to yellow or white onions.

Red onions have reddish-purple outer skin and white flesh with red or purple rings. Their colour is attributed to anthocyanin, a pigment that also acts as an antioxidant.

Known for their milder and sweeter taste, red onions are often enjoyed raw in salads and sandwiches. They provide dietary fibre, vitamin C, potassium, and folate, making them a nutritious and low-calorie addition to meals.

The antioxidants and sulphur compounds in red onions offer potential health benefits, including supporting heart health and reducing inflammation.

Used in various cuisines globally, red onions add both flavour and visual appeal to dishes. They can be caramelised, sautéed, or roasted for cooked dishes.

Whether you're aiming for flavourful accents or vibrant aesthetics in your culinary creations, red onions are a versatile ingredient that elevates both taste and presentation.