Our Partners & Growers

Our Partners & Growers

We source produce from the Melbourne Wholesale Markets from Certified Biodynamic and Organic suppliers. We also have some growers who deliver direct to us. All of our produce is Australian and sourced as local as possible. 

We believe in sourcing as local as possible and enjoying a connection with food and the grower. We include a newsletter in your box, with a list of where the produce has come from, and who it is certified by, helping you stay connected to your food. 

We are a Certified Organic Retailer with the Australian Certified Organic since 2008, which means you can be assured that the produce we provide is Certified Organic. We never substitute with conventional produce. Our ACO certification means that our buying, processes and systems are strictly audited.

More About Our Growers

Coolibah Organics

Coolibah is located in Pearcedale, Victoria and they supply us with baby spinach, salad mix, rocket, kale, Asian greens and occasionally broccoli. They are certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and they are a large-scale farm with over 2000 acres of land in Victoria and near the NSW border.

Read more about Coolibah here.

Hazeldean Forest Farm

Hazeldean is situated in Ellinbank, Victoria. Every year from January to July we deal with the farm direct and they deliver us fresh crates of their organic apples each week. We get a range of varieties over the months, such as Summer Reds, Akane, Gala, Golden Delicious and Fuji. These apples taste like the real deal!

Read more about Hazeldean here.

Busch Organics

One of our local Victorian growers is Busch Organics who supply us with beetroot, green beans and broccoli. Busch Organics is a family run Australian Certified Organic farm on the Mitchell River Flats at Hillside, 13km west of Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia. Their produce includes a variety of seasonal vegetables and lucerne.  Busch Organics believe in sustainable farming practices and offer the highest level of quality.

Read more about Busch Organics here.


Peninsula Fresh Organics

Peninsula Fresh Organics have been supplying Organic Angels with their beautiful quality organic produce, such as lettuce, leek, pak choi and other leafy greens. Occasionally we can get our hands on some speciality heirloom produce such as dutch carrots and romanesco.

Peninsula Fresh Organics is a family owned and run business based in Baxter, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Their produce is grown organically and is picked fresh the evening before market to ensure the best possible freshness. They are Certified Organic with ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and are also accredited with the VFMA (Victorian Farmers Market Association).

Read more about Peninsula Fresh Organics here.

Arahura Farm

Arahura’s motto is “bringing flavour to the table” and that is certainly what they do. Organic food tastes so much better! Arahura Farm is set on 220 acres of arable land in Nyah West Victoria. 

Read more about Arahura Farm here.

Black Crow Organics

Black Crow is located on 400 acres in the heart of the Lockyer Valley in Queensland. Black Crow are known for their beautiful potatoes and they grow up to 5 varieties. They also grow pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli, cabbage, celery and cauliflower. 

Read more about Black Crow here.

Elderslie Eggs

These are the best eggs you will ever try! Elderslie Farm is in the Strzelecki ranges in West Gippsland about 90 minutes from Melbourne's CBD. The Wallace family commenced farming on Elderslie in 1886 as a dairy farm. The farm is still predominantly run as a dairy farm but has also diversified by producing organic eggs and garlic as well. Elderslie farm has been certified organic since 2005 and their neighbours are Hazeldean Forest farm.