Who We Are

Who We Are

Organic Angels was inspired around the time our first son Charlie was about to start solid foods. Like many new parents, we wanted to give him the best nutritional start to life, and we’d been reading about organic farming, the benefits for our bodies and the planet. We lived in an apartment in inner Eastern Melbourne, working full time parents, so growing our own, or driving around to markets was not ideal at the time. We searched for where we could access fresh organic produce online and have it home delivered. Back in 2005, the options were almost non-existent.

That was the light bulb moment. We both got very excited about the idea of starting our own business and wanting to make a difference in the world. Scott developed the website with his brother after hours, we spent time meeting suppliers, growers and getting a feel for the organic industry. We knew there was potential, and I guess, we were early adopters passionate to make a change. We moved out to the suburbs to rent a bigger house so we could start our business in our home kitchen.

In June 2006, Sarah woke at 3am and drove to the markets in Footscray to collect the first organic order from the suppliers, loaded up the station wagon and came back home to pack into boxes and deliver to 10 people (all family and friends). Scott went to work in the city, Charlie went to day care and for a time we did one delivery day a week. Slowly we grew by word of mouth. After 18 months we grew enough to move the business out of home into a small office in Mount Waverley, and Scott quit his corporate job. Our HQ moved to Box Hill where we laid down our roots for over 10 years.

16 years later from that first delivery, Organic Angels has grown to be Melbourne leading organic home delivery company. We are proud and passionate leaders of our team and a business that has won awards, recently The Best Australian Organic Retailer 2019. We are now located in a warehouse in Epping, conveniently located across the road to new Epping Wholesale Market. We have three vans on the road and an amazing team of 15 people. It has been a wild ride and certainly has come with challenges, but we love what we do and that we’re creating meaningful change.

We have been certified organic with the ACO since 2008. Over the last five years we’ve been especially inspired by the B Corporation principals and are currently in the process of finalising our assessment. Our goal is to become a certified B Corp business by the end of 2022.

As a young family ourselves, now raising three boys, we understand the demands of a busy family life and wanting to provide fresh simple healthy meals at home. Organic Angels is ideal for health and environmentally conscious families like us, who value their time and want the convenience of home delivery and love to cook.

We love the organic industry and believe as consumers and business owners we all have a part to play in helping to fix our broken food system, heal our land and bodies and making conscious food choices collectively can make powerful change. There is a greater importance in choosing food from safe, sustainable, and healthy farming methods to promote biodiversity, conservation and helps preserve natural wildlife. The organic industry and business can be key in promoting positive change.

Thank you for helping be part of the change!

Sarah & Scott (Founders)